Wednesday, August 01, 2012

 We took the kids to the county fair last weekend, and of course Sophie was chosen from the crowd to go participate in the magic show.  She was hilarious!  The magician was great with the kids and really had everyone laughing!  We saw the animals and even stayed late to watch the rodeo. 
 Dave took the day of work to celebrate Henry's birthday.  We took the kids to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA.  It was a long ride, and a hot day... but we had fun! 
 Stella in the monster truck!  These were Henry's favorite ride when he was her age!
He still loves a good Monster truck! :) 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

What a cutie! 
 Celebrating someone's birthday... must be Dave's
 This is grandma after the kids have helped her put on some makeup. 
 Sophie holding her pet butterfly
 Henry taking a turn with the pet butterfly
 This is the family sitting on the porch in the morning looking at the bird on the dock
 Grandma kisses for the last day of school
 "Mr. T" picking up Sophie for the last day of first grade. 
Smiley Daddy! 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

 Sorry that these pictures are out of order, but they got scrambled up when I uploaded them.  This is in the basement. 
 There is a finished area to the right that would be a perfect guest suite.  the door with the light is a full bathroom.  There is a bedroom to the right of the bathroom, and a kitchen area to the left.  The door walks out to a patio area. 
 This is in the upstairs, there's a foyer outside of the master bedroom.  The laundry room is to the right. 
 Looking down over the railing to the foyer below
 The front door
 The kids at the front door
 The house.  There is a circular driveway out front. 

 There's a swingset off to the left of the driveway
 Looking down from the garage. 
This is the patio as you walk out from the basement.  They have a small pond where the kids are playing. 
 The front of the house has two entrances, the kids are running to one, but there is also another to the right. 
 This is Dave giving the kids the instructions (that they will ignore) about how to behave in the house. 
 The kitchen
 Dave inspecting the windows in the formal living room.  The window seems to have some moisture damage
 powder room
 living room
 stairway between living room and kitchen
 Front door entrance that leads into the formal living room when you look to the right. 
 When you enter the front door and look to the left, you can see the stairway and the entrance to the dining room
 There's a little butler's pantry between the kitchen and the dining room
 fireplace in the living room
 living room looking towards the front hall

 there's a deck off the kitchen
This is the back of the house

Sunday, February 26, 2012

 These were the chocolate dipped pretzels that I sent in to the 'daddy-daughter' dance.  They were cute and yummy and easy to make. 
 Dave took this picture of Sophie bustin' a move at the dance! 
 These were the Valentine cards that Henry and I made for him to hand out to his classmates.  We printed out a picture and then poked a hole through so we could put the lollipop through to make it look like he was holding it. 
 I brought Stella in to Henry's classroom for his Valentine's day party and she had a great time! 
 This is a picture from Sophie's classroom.  I cut about 400 tissue paper flowers for this party, the kids made flower vases for their craft. It was a great party too. 
 This weekend Henry had a turn taking care of the classroom Teddy.  He comes home with a bag of clothes and personal belongings - including toothbrush and book. 
 Henry played with him and had such a nice time taking care of him. 
 On Saturday evening, Henry sang in a benefit concert for his school.  They had a gospel choir perform, and then they called the children up and had them sing some of the songs that they usually sing during their weekday chapel.  Henry's favorite part was sitting with his BEST friend during the concert!